Keep in mind that you and the other drivers on the road are just human beings, and humans do make errors. As a matter of fact, defensive drivers do not just focus on their actions but also, anticipate the probable reactions of other drivers as well. Defensive driving characterizes the practice of road users who consciously decrease the risks associated with driving. Furthermore, defensive driving tips lessens the probability of an accident or collision as well as can even save expenses related to fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, by driving steadily and smoothly.  

Awareness is one big factor to defensive driving, making sure that you’re aware of potential dangers and other drivers’ actions on the road, enabling you to take defensive actions to prevent possible accident. In order to enable you, as a driver, anticipate dangers, look 15 seconds ahead of you, providing yourself time to react. Always look at your mirrors and also, look beyond the car in front because this will actually help you to be alert to potential hazards before it’s too late. 

Do not ever trust those vehicles around you to make a good decision. Thus, give yourself and the other drivers around you some space and time. This simply means that keeping a 3-second gap when convoying another car. In addition to that, you should not tailgate other cars since this will take away some opportunity for ample space and time to react to any abrupt changes, making it very dangerous to you and the vehicles around you as well. 

A lot of vehicular collisions can actually be avoided. For instance, imagine a scenario where another car has collided into your car’s rear bumper; it’s likely this could’ve been evaded had you left ample space between you and another car in front. This kind of defensive driving tip might have given you the choice to move ahead or to totally pull out of harm’s way, avoiding a speeding vehicle. 

It is also very essential to help other road users be aware of your clear intentions by using signals before you make a change in direction and also, minimize lane changes unless it is very safe to do so.  

Basically, there are a lot of various defensive driving courses in driving schools in Milton Keynes however, for many road users, the primary habits of this style of driving can be develop by maintaining your focus at all times and acting more pro-actively, keeping yourself aware as well as able to anticipate any potential hazards. 

Aside from being mindful and aware of the other road users or drivers on the road, be vigilant of the surroundings, especially where there are a lot of street lights, more painted road markings or more road signs, it means there is more hazard for you and those vehicles around you. 

Additional Safe Driving Techniques 

  1. Minimize unnecessary lane changes.
  2. Make sure you have ample of time to avoid potential danger.
  3. Don’t drive if you’re emotionally unstable or tired.